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Donations are always welcomed but not required! We would like to have our own website and megaupload premium for our members so even $1 means something to us.

Rules and F.A.Q

01. DO NOT stream our hardsubs/softsubs on any streaming sites such as dramacrazy, mysoju, etc.
02. DO NOT hardsub our softsub or softsub our hardsub.
03. DO NOT upload our subs onto Megaupload, sendspace, torrents, or any other server.
04. DO NOT repost without permission.
05. DO NOT translate our English subs into another language without permission.
06. DO NOT sell our subtitles.
07. DO comment and tell us what you think about the series/movies/subs.

01. When are the subs for ____ coming out?
Check the subtitle status page.
02. May we translate your English subtitles into ____?
Maybe, email us at serendipityfansubs[at]
03. May I share your subtitles on _____?
Yes, but ask for our permission first. We would like to know where you post it. And it is okay to use our links or upload your own.
04. Where do you get your raws from?
Mainly from sugoidea for Taiwanese dramas. We also get raws from d-addict and other sources.
05. May we upload your subtitles on to a streaming site?
NO NO NO. If you want to watch dramas with English subtitle, go to viki.
06. Can you seed ___?
No, Jess is our torrents expert and she has enough of people not seeding. So if you want seeds, make a request at d-addicts.


hello and good afternoon. i would like to ask for your permission to allow me to post the jdrama quartet and the future drama muscle girl on my page in our forum - and to please allow me too to create a link on the jdrama pages i will make to to redirect viewers to your site so they can also visit your nice site.

hoping for your kind consoderation. more power

oh and by the way you can send me a message thru, thanks

@asianhottie: are you the same asianhottie that i know? :P

I'd also like permission to post your sub (hardsubbed videos) on my site:

Even though, I already posted it there...sorry, I'm new at this stuff.

Hello :)
Oh! That's fine :D
Just remember to credit us, that's all to it, really :D
Thanks for telling us ^^

Hi I'd like to share your future subs of "Love Keeps Going"(I might ul myself to megaupload if you don't) to two or three locked LJ community, is it okay with you ?

Hey, we always upload to megaupload and we would actually prefer if you use our MU links. Because the more active they are, the less we have to reupload.

Ok, it's fine with me~, one less upload for me then =p
Then, you're okay with me using your links while crediting you, then thank you~

i wud like to upload Love Keeps Going to asiatorrents if that is alrite.

@Sanju: Sure! Just please credit us ;)

Hi there~!

Good job with subbing Ouran High School Host Club with such speed and quality!

Would it be alright if I post a link to this website on my blog?

If it's all right, I'd like to link the Ouran High School Host Club subs in a locked LJ comm!

@meko, of course! please spread the word and support HQ fansub and not coughcoughdsscoughcough :D

Hi, i'm from a spanish blog, we are translating ouran host club, and would like to use your softsubs to make a spanish version of this dorama, so i would like to ask your permission to use it, we would like to make them hardsubs but we read the rules and... well, i want to know if it's possible...

@Tsukiko, please send these inquiries to our email serendipityfansubs[at]

@royalteahouse, sorry for the late reply, i didnt see this before o_o
yes you can :) thanks for asking!


I just saw that you offer avi amd mp4 formats for your hardsubs. Is there a difference in quality?
I always thought that mp4 was better than avi, but the avi files are much bigger, making me think they might have a better quality.

@love-michiyuki, Some people can't play .mp4 on their computer. Plus also, I am going to say that the qualities are about the same since they are encoded with the same files. However, some people did report that .mp4 is better quality.


Thanks for the help :)

I have no issue with your group providing subtitles as an act of non-profit kindness, but acting as if you have any right to the material you clearly do not own is fucking sad.

How dare you try to claim it as yours by flouting imaginary power. So while again I have no issue this is still illegal. Unless of course TBS and other associated right's holders have given you permission which I highly doubt.

What do you think would happen if you were reported? You must surely own the rights to these TV series so you have nothing to worry about.

I will make this is clear for you fucking pinheads as I can. This is illegal. You do not nor will you ever have the rights to any of the shows. You have no right to tell anyone what to do with files you are creating using material this is not fucking yours. The moment y'all tried to pass it off as if you shitheads owned the rights to these series is when y'all fucked up.

You, sir, amuse me to no end. Every fansub group gets these messages once in a while, so I have been expecting this.
Downloading from us is as illegal as us uploading these subtitles, so please don't pull that illegal crap with me.
I just want to say that we can instantly move all our subtitles to somewhere private like StormyFS or WithS2 if we want, just because we like to exercise our "imaginary powers." And you obviously wouldn't have visited this site unless you need subtitles, so please, keep your dramas to yourself before it gets ugly.

eh! we never claimed that we had any rights to the dramas and video material :/
we own the subtitles and translations not the video itself . . .
why do you assumer that we claimed the drama episodes as ours ?

like come on dude, go ahead and report =.=
i want to see a representative from wherever you report to here on this blog telling us to remove their stuff
so now that you have threatened to do it
i will challenge you on that
maybe then you people will see that nothing will happen at all
because people like you make empty threats all the time and seriously every damn fansub group out there is sick of you people
so unless you can follow through on your threats, don't make them

We did not claim the rights to the show you idiot
We claim the rights to the god damn subtitles you came here for!
So yes we have the right to tell you not to upload the shows on streaming sites and yes we have the right to tell you not to sell them either because selling means you would own the rights to them which you dont as well

and now that you have finish swearing here
why dont you go tell TBS or any other station that we has their material on their site and lets see what they say ok?

Oh this is cute. I reported just one of your links and guess what? It got taken down. Here's the thing. If you attempt to re-upload that file,it will be blocked with a message along the lines of "This file is forbidden to be shared." Reporting abuse across various hosting sites all work within the same guidelines. Would you like me to continue? I'd be more than happy to. I'll reiterate. What this group is doing is illegal, and the only reason you were getting away with it before was because no one cared.

@Anonymous, cute! Keep doing it :) Because we are not going re-upload. We don't watch our releases anyways ^^

Woah someone has no life
I DARE you to report ALL our links

No wait i just realised something.
Weren't you going to report us to TBS what happened to that approach? what you admit that TBS wont do anything now?

Have fun reporting all our links... i encode all the videos so i already have them :P and if any of our staff wants any of our old releases even if we get blocked for all uploading sites there is still something call irc. oh and torrents too.

Sorry, XD,... would translate into Spanish with subtitles that you provide, Who do I talk to it?,... At what address or electronically I can contact?

@BanGelp, please talk to me at serendipityfansubs[at] till I can give you a new email address :)

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