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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[master post] Love Fight

ラブファイト | Rabu faito | Love Fight | Movie

Minoru (Kento Hayashi) and Aki (Kie Kitano) have grown up together from a young age. Contrary to wimpish Minoru, Aki, who normally looks ladylike, is very strong at fighting, hence Aki has always protected Minoru from being bullied. Their dynamics remains the same into their high school years. Wanting to break out of this situation, Minoru starts going to a boxing gym run by Oki (Takao Osawa), whom he met by chance. However, Aki, who gets wind of it, is fascinated with boxing as well, and joins the same boxing club. Minoru feels depressed as he is again unable to break free of Aki’s influence. Through boxing, however, Minoru realizes that he has been running away from Aki and not facing her properly until now.

(source: asianmediawiki)


[Take It Slow]

Translator: TeddayBear
Spot Translator: miff, linhkawaii
Timers: Milkyxduckie, hitomi83
Editor: LadyDarkness
QCer: Citrone
Coordinators: Citrone, hitomi83, TeddayBear

Our 2nd completed project!

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Do not see the link. They do not exist?

The subtitles for this movie hasn't been released yet.

thaaaaaaaaaaank you very much for subbing this movie!!!!! i'm super happy right now as i wanted to watch this movie for a long time *^O^*

HOPE you can consider subbing other movies with kento hayashi for example rise up :)

How exactly do I view the subs???

You have to download the raw from Take It Slow then download the subtitles we provided here. Rename the subtitles so that the subtitle and the movie have the same name. Make sure they are in the same folder. Open the movie and the video player should automatically detect the subtitle :)

Thanks for explaining how to see the subs, but just to make sure the subs will open if I click the link that says megaupload(.ass) here right?

Yes, that is the link to the subtitles :) Should be a .rar or .zip file when you download :P
(Nina isn't good at remembering details :X)

thank you...excited to watch this.. yeayyyy

since i cannot download the subs using megaupload, maybe you can somehow provide me with mediafire???

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