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Admins (2)
hitomi83, TeddayBear

Chinese Translators (6)
Crispee, elleex3, galen, georicky, Minchi, myth

Japanese Translators (3)
haruomasu, miff, yakyu_girl

Korean Translator (0)

Timers (11)
akai_ringo09, allen2792, arcticmoonrise, irnsnchz, LateLea, oobubblesoo, pinkypink, samysa, simplyjayme, Soula, xoxojaejae

Editors/QCers (7)
darthweider, forestmaiden71, LadyDarkness, Ladymichelle22, meikimari, naturesbless, Yukino

Typesetters (2)
arashilovezs, x_stei

Encoders (5)
gingaakuma, jessyj, lyssy, SacredCultivator, xiaoxing

Honorary Members (2)
bkelvin, mikilove13

Retired Members
Alwyn, animefr33kz, Azazel, citrone, Crownelle, Exhilem, gogoparty, lexiJJANG, Kcabrera3, margalovesjpop, MeliiZoid, milkyxduckie, sweetgelato, talktoyourpet, tinimissvn, tyr, uisceros, xoxoknlove


I think Lea is the awesomest evah!

While Jess is NOT!

Pinky is love too! <3

*runs and hides from Jess*

Sidenote: Sorry Nina I had too!

D: WAHH!!! disagrees!! hmph!

You're the best ! Thank you all for the hard work <3

I don't know how you guys find the time to sub all these things, but I am so grateful you do because thanks to you guys we are all able to enjoy such great dramas :D

You guys are the best!!!!!!

Thank you for your comment :)
It means a lot to us :D

lol there are retired members?? lol.. u should add hibernating members too lol

@pinky, i had to kick out inactive people so they are technically retired :P

HAHA im guessing pinky would be in the 'hibernating members' category? <3

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