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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Future Projects

Future Projects (4)
♚ Girl in Boy's Dorm || Wiki || Hardsub

♚ Koshonin 2 || Wiki || Softsub

♚ Sankaku || Asianmediawiki || Softsub

♚ Shima Shima シマシマ || Wiki || Hardsub


is it true you'll be subbing muscle girl? if so, i can't wait!!!

Congrats for completing Endless Love and thank you. I appreciate all your hard work!

oooo realmente hatra MEi let go???? :) MUCHAS GRACIAS

I'm really looking forward to Ouran!!! Thank you for all your hard work and for taking up this project.

Would Meitantei Conan become a Future Project to Sub?

We don't sub a lot of Japanese projects because we don't have Japanese translators. I had to translate Quartet and Muscle Girl with C-Subs so I am sure some lines are not entirely accurate :(

would DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU be your future project??
haven't found any fansub subbing the drama TT__TT

The Girl In Boys' Dorm is not yet aired in Taiwan later this year, i'm watching on it.

The other Jdramas are aired, thanks for everything.

I would have the future projects at this time, please wait for the announcement, thank you.

I love to watch the TWdramas are finished aired for all those years, but they subbed at this time.

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