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Donations are always welcomed but not required! We would like to have our own website and megaupload premium for our members so even $1 means something to us.

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We are looking for more Translators (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and Typesetters ONLY.

We know that everyone has a life outside the cyberworld, so we are not asking you to sign on everyday and do something. If you can complete a task once a month, that would be great!

New to fansubbing? No fear. We are friendly so you can always ask us questions. We also have tutorials and guides to help you.

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Position: (timer, translator, etc. you can apply for more than 1 position)
Experience? (if so, what group? how long?)
What languages can you speak/read?
How often do you think you can dedicate yourself per month?
Email you check often:
Are you talented with photoshopping?:
Anything else we should know? (which project(s) are you interested in?)

Please email your application to serendipityfansubs[at]
You can also use the following email form to submit your application.

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