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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[release] IS 3

Translator: A.J
Timer: hitomi83
Editor/QCer: hitomi83
Coordinators: hitomi83, TeddayBear


First to comment yeah!! Thanks for ep.3's sub. You guys really fast.

Thank you! I have been waiting since the raw came out! :DD

Thank you so much! You are all fantastic! <3

@zey congratulation :)
@everyone you are welcome :D

Wow how fast!! Thank you! :)

Excuse me, I'm new here. Where do we get the raw video files to go with these subs?

Excuse me, I'm new here. Where do we get the videos for these subtitles?

thank you but i have downloaded the file twice and it does not play with the video?

@AvidElite, go to our masterpost and look under the raws section

master post of IS -

You guys are really fast, thanks a bunch!

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