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Thanks for the Lovefight sub.

I can't believe there aren't any Eng subs for these movies (listed below). I searched around a lot but still haven't found subs for these movies anywhere.

Hope you can sub on these (alphabetical order)

Japanese Movies

1. After school (2008)
2. Akai ito (2008)
3. Akai bunka jutako no hatsuko (2007)
4. Inugamis (remake 2006)
5. Kodomo no kodomo (2008)
6. Miyoko asagaya kibun (2009)
7. Namida tsubo (2008)
8. Osaka Hamlet (2008)
9. Ren (2008)
10. Ren ai shindan (2007)
11. Rinko Eighteen (2009)
12. Rock and Roll diet (2008)
13. Sankaku (2010)
14. Sayonara Midorichan (2005)
15. Tannka (2006)
16. Tsumi toka batsu toka (2009)
17. Veronika decides to die (2005)
18. Zero Focus (2009)

Korean movies

1. Ardor (2002)
2. Girlfriends (2009)
2. Girls nite out (1998)
3. My love Yurie (2007)
4. Pink Rabbit (2009)
5. The Neighbour Zombie (2009)


Thanks for the list but we would need a LOT more translators to do all those movies :P

'After School' is subbed, really nice movie. Also, 'Inugamis' is subbed..good remake.
'Girlfriends' is subbed.

But need subs desperately for the Japanese movies, no.9/10/11/12/13
Korean movies no. 1/3/5.

'Kofuku na Shokutaku' (2007) has not been subbed yet.

Hope there would be many translators on Serendipity.

Thanks Again.

please help subbing for koufuku na shokutaku.. i really want to watch the movie.. T.T

how about iryu sousa sub?until now i don't found that someone subbing this series

sorry for my english :)

We don't sub a lot of Japanese projects because we don't have Japanese translators. I had to translate Quartet and Muscle Girl with C-Subs so I am sure some lines are not entirely accurate :(

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