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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Subtitle Status

Project Episode Translation Timing Spot Translation Editing QC Status
Arakawa Under the Bridge

0 in progress

2 in progress

Emerald on the Roof

2 in progress

3-30 pending


4 pending

Love Keeps Going


9 in progress

Marry Me!



Ouran High School Host Club


Sunny Happiness *
2-10, 16


12, 14 in progress

* Sunny Happiness is a collaboration between SerenityFS and us. We are only doing the even episodes, thus you only see the status of even episodes.


wooooooooow guys I didn't know that you will sub SUNNY HAPPINESE:)
looking forward to mike he>>> wo ai ta T_T

haha it is a collab project :D

Muscle Girl, I love this Drama ^^

Sadly Serenity FS decided not to do the odd episodes. Can you guys do it anyway? I like it when you guys are the one doing it.

@tottoro89: They will do it, they haven't dropped it, they are just having issues with ep 1 :) Thanks for the patience

I always wanted to know what QC and type setting actually involved. i always thought when it came to editing it would be nearly done.

The process really depends on the group, some people like to edit, then qc (quality check)and then fc (finalizing check).

thank you

as i was looking at muscle girl drama and looking at the final stages.

You can do it muscle girl episode 5 only one more panel and your released Fight Oh XD

"Sadly Serenity FS decided not to do the odd episodes" O_O
eh!? who said that? D:
[so i can go whack them LOL since ive never said that before]

- Jess

So excited for Love Keeps Going, can't wait for the subs. thanks guys

when will the upcoming Muscle Girl episodes coming? cant wait ><
Hwaiting Subbers!

Muscle Girl! it's in spot translating of ep 7 & 8, so it should be ready soon

yipii, eps 7&8 is out! thx serendipity subbers! ><

sunny happiness.. ~~~~~~yay..

Are you going to sub Hayate the Combat Butler?

@Anon, nope! doremii has already started subbing Hayate the Combat Butler :)

i have been waiting for sunny happiness it seems like serenity fs is not interested in this drama i m really looking forward to you guys pleassseeeee sub the whole series. or just contact them and make sure if they are doing it or not :-s

we are interested =.= (we were actually the ones that wanted to do it in the first place)
I really dont know why people assume that we arent interested ><
no one has bothered to ask for status updates through twitter or anything o_o

everything is just stuck at typesetting LOL
both groups lack typesetters *cries*
typesetting tasks just kept going back and forth between groups ><

if you are interested in the whole story . . .
- first serendipity had it but then their typesetter um kinda disappeared
- then serenity had the typesetting tasks but the typesetter disappeared also =.=
- serenity tried to pass it to another typesetter but then they had too many tasks to do so it just kept getting delayed
- then the typesetting tasks just got handed back to serendipity LOL!

anyway what im saying is that
if you want to know something, ask dont just assume

oh btw the original plan was to release 2 eps at once . . . and ep 1 was completed ages ago
waiting for ep 2 =.= which like i said is stuck at typesetting!

~ jessyj

Love Keeps Going 3-6 is in spot translation so that means 3-6 will be released at once?

@Anon, nope! that will be too long of a wait

I heard you might be doing the live action Ouran, is this true? Any expected release?

@Anon, Yes we are doing Ouran High School Host Club hardsub and softsub for everyone :)

What kind of time frame are we looking at for Ouran...the finacee won't leave me alone XD

@Mike, what do you mean by time frame? My goal is to release it on Tuesday (CA time) the latest :)

Where is the episodes of Shima Shima, i want to subbed this drama series? Please wait for the release.

There are 10 episodes in the Jdrama Shima Shima but where is it.

I have to release the episodes of Emerald On The Roof but it's too late to us.

It must be the episode 15 of Marry Me! is coming out soon, i hope to release it very hard.

Just be patient and i want to release it soon.

Is anyone that the episodes of Shima Shima in English subs? Please...

I can't see anything like that.

I love the TWdrama Marry Me! because it's so romantic.

I want to subbed the Jdrama Shima Shima in English hard subs, thank you.

I think that the episodes of Marry me! and Love Keeps Going are release it yet, i want to release it very soon.

I want to see the episodes of Sunny Happiness in English subs, and i hope that they release it very soon.

I can't find the episodes of Jdrama Shima Shima is not yet subbed at this time.

Sorry, but they recruiting the Jdrama at this moment. Please help, help me.

I do not to explain to you, it's not release their projects at this time.

I'm sorry for your patience.

It's too hard to release the TWdrama Emerald On The Roof but it's too late for them.

What kind of a TWdrama is that? I want to release the TWdrama Sunny Happiness, please wait for that.

i am so confused as to what anon is saying o_o LOL

I don't care what the troll wants to say anymore :P
-Comment moderation is on-

I guess that's the same person that was spamming the shoutbox some time ago... Sounds like her/her...

But me is sooooooo happy TeddayBear turned on comment moderation :D *happy dance*

@N LOL i dont understand it so i cant really care haha

@G hahaha but you have to go through all the comments :3
i guess thats good in a way, then u wont miss a question (if people even post questions that need answers LOL)

/scrap my comment :D

Is there any advance with the Arakawa subs? It's just that the first episode was subbed so fast that i'm surprised the second is taking longer.

Looking forward to Arakawa subs and Emerald on the Roof subs!!!! Thanks for doing them, guys!!!!

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