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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Completed Projects

Complete Projects (6)
♚ Cinnamon the Movie シナモン the Movie || Animenewsnetwork || Softsub

♚ Endless Love 愛∞無限 || Wiki || Hardsub

♚ Love Fight ラブファイト || Wiki || Softsub

♚ Muscle Girl! マッスルガール! || Wiki || Hardsub

♚ Quartet カルテット || Wiki || Hardsub

♚ Rock Baby 摇滚保姆 || Hardsub


Thanks to support the Jdramas Quartet and Muscle Girl. Thanks for everything.

I love to watch the TWdrama Endless Love because it's so romantic.

I just want to know that the episodes of the TWdrama Marry Me! and Emerald On The Roof in English subs, i can't wait to completed soon.

It's too hard to release everything.

@Anon, I know that you called yourself Marianee in the tag board and you would spam us until hitomi83 banned you. GTFO, you troll.

I love the TWdrama Endless Love because it's romantic for me.

I love you very much. Mwah!

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