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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good bye! + OHSHC 3 Hardsubs

Hello everyone!
Serendipity Fansubs have been around for at least a year now. We have finished 6 projects, which I am very proud of for such a small group.
The admins of seveal fansub groups have decided to merge and to form a super fansub group.
We are still working on the current projects we have but under a new name now. The admins are all furiously working on kinks of the new fansub groups, so keep following us on the blog and twitter to get the link to our new website!
This will be our last release as Serendipity Fansubs!
Thanks for all your support!
- Admins of Serendipity FS
P.S. If our links are dead, we will NOT be reuploading them. So don't ask. Why? Because of people like him/her below. Also, you can no longer comment as anonymous. We don't hide ourselves behind a mask, so you should give us the same respect.

EPISODE 3 - [SD] TORRENTS (.avi) & MEGAUPLOAD (.avi) || [HD] MEGAUPLOAD (.mp4) & TORRENTS (.mp4)
Translator: TeddayBear
Spot Translator: mikilove13
Timer: allen2792
Editor: Yukino
Typesetter: hitomi83
QCer: hitomi83
Encoders: jessyj, SacredCultivator
Coordinators: TeddayBear, hitomi83


Good Luck with this new project I'll go where you go so I'm so excited with this new page

Someone actually did something like that? What a jerk!

I will follow you guys~

i think the anonymous comment is really rude and this person does not even know the hardwork you guys put into your projects.

btw, are you still gonna release the SD file of Ouran ep. 3?

@paranoiascream, we will be releasing SD files for Ouran episode 3 as soon as our encoder gets to it
which is more likely this friday because she has exams

I think it's a very good idea to do a large team like this. Billasub is quite good and they focus on doing chinese/taiwanese dramas/movies; about Serenity I don't know so much... and you of Serendipity are so fast and do a very great job. Hope TeddayBear will be the leader of the new team ahahah
Well, now all I have to do is wait the big annoucement, right?
Thanks for your great work 'til now! See you in the new subbing group!

*T_T msg didn't go, I have to rewrite it xD*

"Good bye" my God this scared me so much xD
My heart is still pounding ^^
The merger is a great idea, I hope everything will work out for the best ! :D
As for the troll, people need to get a life -_-

I do have a question for TeddayBear :
As you know, my squad is subbing in french OHSHC, I'm currently editing the first ep ^^
And I'd like to know, as for the credits, who do I credit ? (weird question, sorry)
Currently, it's like that :
Do I let it like that, or do I put Kizuna Fansubs, or do I change the credits later when the merger is done ?
Sorry to ask this here, but my hotmail account is not working u_u

I wish you guys the best of luck for the merger :D

from the french subbing squad Dwaeji Tokki Fansub

when it is decided when you guys will transfer to new site,plz give/tell me the links.can't wait to watch the next ep of ouran and love keeps going.really thnx 4 all the subs you have provided.the person who said that didnt know how it hard n difficult for us and you.fighting~~

for the first three episodes of OHSHC credit Serendipity FS like we did :)
@Anya and @fat
thank you for your support :)
we will definitely release our new site soon ^^


At first,sorry for my English,it's not so perfect :)

I'll miss your site,you worked really hard subbing these dramas.

I really HATE this anonymous person.
I'd like to ask her/him a question.Why did you do this? You say it's illegal.I ask you,why were you bothered by this site? Don't tell me you never downloaded anything.Mp3 or your favourite tv show,etc.I bet your not a saint,you did it too.

what a jerk!!
this guy or girl is abnormal for sure to do such thing...
anyway i'm also following you guys wherever you go, your subs are amazing and you are a very hardworking team...

umm, just have a small notice about the HD video , the voice is not in sync with subs , there is something wrong..but other than that thank you for your hard work <3

omg!! this is so sad!!
why is that person do that~! anonymous-san why?!

ooo, anyway,
i wish you the best with the new merge group!~
please inform us! i know many will want to know the new group..
you guys has filled me with such joy with the work you guys did..
i really don't understand why anonymous-san did that~

please take care and good luck with everything you guys did!~
once again thank you for all the hard work!
take good care of your health!~
see you guys soon!!~

@Mak, did you try it on a different player? The encoder said it is fine.

@everyone, thanks for the support :)

@ Teddy
I've tried WMC and WMP and even winamp but i still have the same problem, think I'll just wait for the SD video as it works just fine with me :D

good luck.. and don't forget tell to me where you will go.. ^^

I'll be waiting for the torrents....we have similar problem with MAK too... : ))))

You guys are awesome! You take time out of your own lives to do something that is not required of you for free simply so people like me can sit down and enjoy and understand Asian dramas.

Thank you! Without people like you, most of the western world would be left unaware of the wonderful dramas that exist.

I can't wait for future subs!

Only just recently found you guys, but thankfully you're just merging and not leaving! I think your subs are awesome, good luck with the merger! :)

I don't think they realize that the companies don't care either since the links never had problems till that person showed up, since most other companies when they do care usually is able to take down all links etc. relating to their work.

Having a bad day already + reading that Anon's comments... not a good combo. But I'll restrain my comments, since their exsistence is -obviously- such a magnanimous one that they wouldn't possibly care about what a petty person like me has to say ;)

Anyhow, good luck with your merge & move, I'll be following you! Also, any news on the SD file of Ouran 3? I'm dying for my Ouran fix but am trying to wait patiently (unsuccessfully, I guess, lol) :P

Regarding that post reporting download links stating that this is illegal, i do not believe it is (Only in Japan it would be) as this will not be aired outside Japan (I believe) so there is no legal issue if you downloading it from outside of Japan.

I was once told by a lecturer that if you downloaded a show such as Heroes after it aired in the US it is legal to do so from another country such as UK until it is aired there.

And as this isn't Anime and wont be licensed to air in US or other countries it should be completely legal.

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