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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[release] Endless Love 15 (finale)

EPISODE 15 (finale) –MEGAUPLOAD (.avi) || TORRENT (.avi) || MEGAUPLOAD (.mp4)
Raw Provider: citrone
Translators: elleex3
Spot Translator: TeddayBear
Timer: articmoonrise, simplyjayme
Editor/QCer: forestmaiden71
Typesetter: hitomi83
Encoders: jessyj, xiaoxing
Coordinators: hitomi83, TeddayBear


Thank you so much for subbing this drama! You guys are awesome!! <3 :)

Congrats!!! Thank you so much for all the hardwork. MORE POWER! :)

Congrats on finishing your first drama!!!!!!!!


yay! thanks so much for this drama. i really enjoyed it. you even subbed the bloopers! wow. but it seems like there's more bts. is that right? and if there are, are there any plans to sub the rest?

thanks again ^-^

Congratulations for finishing this series!! :)

Has the Megaupload AVI version been uploaded yet?

@ahmee and @choc27 thank you for the support <3

@Hyoony thank you for the continuous support and encouragement! :D

@reese01 I think we translated all the BTS there is a 10 minutes BTS at the end of the final episode!

@Anon you are welcome! sorry, we are still waiting for someone to upload it for us :/

*stares at MU account*
file got uploaded a while ago [it says the 4th]
LOL . . .

etto.... didn't see that, thanks jess <3

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